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I am doing your beg/imd class starting on 6/7. I just signed up for the advance class on 7/19, just as the first one finishes. Will I be ready for the advance class then?

A friend of mine just finished one of your classes and because of her beautiful pictures, I'm taking the 8/30 class. I'm so excited and can hardly wait. When I signed up I was not redirected back to your website so I did not find a link. If you could send that to me I would appreciate it. Once again, I am excited to be taking your class....thanks so much for offering your time and knowledge.

I want to sign up for the beginner class, but have a Q: is the payment refundable? If I take my camera to be checked and something is wrong with it before the class starts?

I used to take great photos using natural light, but now they are waaaay too bright and never look right. I have a Canon 50D now, instead of my Canon Rebel digital, and wonder if something is wrong.


Which type of camera do you suggest I get for the beginners class and what additional equipment do I need to purchase before class?

Do I need any special program on my computer to participate in your beginner's class? Do you explain how to send in the assignments? Thanks!

Please don't hold a spot for me. I need to do some things with my camera. DRATS! Your class looks like the best. Sigh.

So happy to get a spot in your 8/30 class Maggie! This is the only reason why I am looking forward to the end of summer! xoxo

is it too late to sign up to the advanced? Can I play catch up??

I'm counting down the days until your beginner class starts on 8/30! I wasn't redirected back to the site or provided a link when I registered so I wanted to double check that you have me down for the class and did in fact receive payment.

Like Abigail above I also wasn't redirected back to the site or provided a link when I registered. Help!

Is this workshop still going? I'd like to join the beg class - are people getting links?

Hi Maggie,
I left you a voice message today but I thought I would post here as well. I am looking to sign up for your beginner/intermediate class but I have a few questions first:
1)would it benefit me to read a book on digital cameras before starting your class? I don't know what all the settings mean-so should I study that first?
2)Do you teach us how to get a range of "lightness" on the faces of our subjects? Some of your pics seem to really "white out" the faces of people-I like the style, but I would want to have it a little less "whited out"-I'm guessing you would teach us how to work with different degrees of the "whiteness?"

Let me know-thanks!

Hi there! I dont think you would need to read another book. Just be familiar with where all the buttons on your camera are. The buttons to change things like iso, aperture, shutter speed. You dont need to know why to change them or what they do. Just how to change them. Does that make sense?

Also, yes you will learn how to meter and get the exposure (degree of lightness) that you prefer.

Maggie Holmes

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