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Facts and Questions

What is the length and format of the workshop?
The workshop is 6 weeks long and you will receive a written lesson along with a coordinating assignment each week.

Are there certain times I have to be online for this class?
No, there are not. Each monday I will email you the assignment/lesson. Then you are free to read the lesson and do the assignment according to your own schedule during the week.

Will you be available to answer questions during the week?
Yes, each student will be a part of our private message board. This is where you can post any questions that you have for me. I am scheduled to be on the board every Wednesday, but I typically pop in and out each day
to make sure you are taken care of!

Will you be looking at our assignments?
Yes, you will be able to post your images to the online message board and then I will give you personalized feedback.

Will a point and shoot camera work for this class?
No, a digital or film SLR camera is recommended.

How much time is involved for the students each week?
Most students spend anywhere from 2 hours and up to complete the lessons/assignments each week. The more you practice, the more you will learn so it varies by individual and it is really up to you!

Will you be teaching us about Photoshop?
No, there is simply not enough time to teach about
photo-editing software in the beginner/intermediate workshop. However, I do cover Photoshop in the advanced workshop.

Are the lessons written in layman’s terms?
Yes, I have been told by students that my writing style is
very easy to understand and that I make hard concepts seem simple. The lessons are written as if you were sitting here with me and we were having an actual conversation about photography... very down-to-earth!