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Does this mean these actions don't work in Photoshop 6 for MAC? I hope they do because I would love to use them. Thanks.

Hi Maggie,
Do you know if your photoshop elements action pack will work with Mac? I believe the version is 6.

thanks! Leah

Maggie...I have been using the Photoshop Elements Actions and I LOVE, LOVE them!! My pictures finally have some of that missing ingredient!! Thank you!!! Please, please don't hesitate the to post the moment you have the others for PS7 done...I am so there! Thank you!

Hi Maggie, just got the color actions for Elements and LOVE them! Although it *seemed* complicated, your instructions were so easy to follow and everything went so smoothly. Thank you-thank you-thank you! Can't wait for the color mix and vintage actions for PS7!

I'd love to get this for PSE 6 for Mac too -- is it compatible.

I used Maggie actions on my PSE 6 for Mac and they worked perfectly. Maggie, I am dying to use your other actions on PSE 6. Please make them available as soon as you can! ;)

ps. for PSE 6 I was able to use her instructions but just had to tweak one little step:

1. After downloading the actions per Maggie's instructions, find the following folder (HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Photoshop Elements/6.0/Photo Creations/Photo Effects/) Put all the actions here per the instructions.
2. Make sure PSE is closed. Locate the folder (HD\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\6.0\Locale\ en-US)Once in this folder you will see a file name called "Mediadatabase.db3". RENAME this file to "MediadatabaseOLD.db3"

3. Restart PSE. Find the actions in the effects palette as mentioned in the instructions.

Bada bing!

Yay! I have PSE 5 and I would love to be able to use your actions - I'll keep checking back to see when they're ready!!! Woo hoo!

I have PSE 6 and am dying to use your actions! I'll be checking back! ( :

Can't wait till you get the actions for PSE5!!!

i have PSE 6 for mac....i would LOVE To use these..........but am i able to ???

I got this to work on PSE 6 for Mac using Melissa's instructions above as well. Perfect!

I have PSE 5 and would love to purchase your actions. I'll keep checking back... :)

Hi Maggie, I am wanting to purchase the trio of actions PSE6 mac. My question is that I work from two separate computers. A main mac upstairs and a mac laptop for downstairs and when we are traveling. Do I need to purchase the actions twice for the separate computers?

Thanks Sheree

Hi Sheree! No you do not need to purchase them twice. You can simply back them up on a disc and then load them to your other computers. As long as they are all your own computers and used by you, it is fine to install them on both!

Maggie Holmes

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I have a PC and PSE 8 - will your PSE actions work? Or the PS actions? I'm confused because the PSE actions say for Mac ... let me know, thanks!! Kristie

Hi, will these work with photoshop cs5? thanks!

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