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I can't wait for these to be available for elements 6!!

Thank you for making these actions available to use with photoshop elements. Such good news!

I am very interested in purchasing some actions. does it come with a tutorial? And how to load them? I use CS3. I have never used actions before.
Any help would be appreciated before I submit my order and payment.

Are all your actions also available for CS4?


I love your actions. Can't wait for them to be available for PSE 6!

I realize this may be a stupid question, but which version of Photoshop should I purchase???? and will your actions work with Lightroom?

so looking forward to getting the urban action in PSE6. Please let us know when its complete. thank you.

Do you have the actions ready for PSE5 yet? I'm dying to make pics of my kids look as good as your pics always do.

I'm adding my name here to those who want these actions to work in PSE 6!!!!!

This is exciting! However how about actions for Light Room 2? Please let me know if and or when this is available! thank you! =)

Will these actions work for cs 5?

I have CS5 will these actions work with it?

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