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I just signed up!!! Im looking forward to taking your class!!!

I would be interested in your advanced workshop. My email is heather@thismomentdesign.com. Please keep me posted on when you decide to do it. Thank you! Heather

Hi Maggie,
I had a question about the beginner workshop--I have a point and shoot, but would like to get a Canon Rebel (when I scrape the money together!), and have really no experience in photography or editing. Would this class work for me? Is it taught with a particular camera?

I'm also interested in your advanced workshop info. Please add me to the list! Thanks.

I also would like to go on the wait list for the advanced class.

Toni Hennessey sewkool32@comcast.net

I am also interested in your advanced class. I don't see your email anywhere but can you add me to your list.

schullybabe AT yahoo DOT com



I just signed up, and can't wait for January 4th! So excited!

I'm wondering if your classes are only live or can I be gone and then come back and pick up where I left off at? I'm going to Mexico on the 3rd of Feb. thru the 24th so I will miss 10 days, is this a self paced class or do I have to be on everyday.

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Hi Michell! They are not live. The lessons/assignments are emailed to you each week in PDF format so you are free to do them on your own timing and at your own pace. And yes, if you are gone for part of it, you can either take the lesson(s) with you to work on while you are gone, or you can catch up once you get back.

Thanks! M

Hi Maggie,
I am not sure if I am on the waiting list for the advanced workshop or not. If not, PLEASE put me on there! I am looking forward to taking it!

Staci Lynch

Hi Maggie -
I am interested in taking your class but have a few questions. I would be doing all the lessons in the later evening after work and on the weekends. However, if I have to travel for work or am just not able to complete the assignments in a given week, will the message boards be open/relevant for me if I'm late or catching up? Thanks so much in advance for your time. ~Maria

Hi Maggie -
Back again with one more question (thank so much in advance for you time!)

By any chance, does your beginner course go over lessons/tips for taking sports/action shots. I have 3 boys who play lots of sports and would love to learn how to take those kinds of pics well. Is that a concept for beginners or evern a separate concept at all (maybe it's just something I'll be able to do when I figure out how to take pictures in general??) LOL ~Maria

Hi Maggie - Not sure how else to contact you other than posting here (so sorry about all the posts)! Do you send out confirmation e-mails for Jan 4. class? What should I look out for in my in-box? I signed up a couple of weeks ago after my last post and other than the paypal confirm, I haven't received anything, so I wanted to check. Thanks and looking forward to your class in a few weeks! ~Maria

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I just emailed you! Let me know if you have any more questions!

Hi Maggie, I signed up for your regular class but have not received any further instructions after the info document. I just wanted to make sure that you didn't send something and I missed it. Thanks!

Hi! So glad you emailed me. I dont have you on my list for some reason. I have had a few of the payment receipts not come through from paypal. Can you just forward me your receipt and I will get you all set!

Maggie Holmes

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I just sent you an email... let me know if you don't get it.

Hi Maggie. I was wondering if you touch on the use of reflectors and external flash in the beginner/intermediate class, or is it only in the advanced class? I've played around with the manual mode very little. I'm most interested in getting the correct exposure (I've been frustrated with my photos lately), getting a crisp photo, and sparkly eyes! Thank you and love all your photos!

I would love to get on the waiting list for the advance class. Thanks so much.

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