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Hi Maggie,
I just bought your action for elements (PC) the color Mix set. I paid through PayPal and everything seems to be in order, but I can't find where to download the action. I look forward to hearing back from you!
Thank you,
Maria Snell

Re: [actions] Maria Snell submitted a comment to Actions for PSE

Hi Maria! I just emailed them to you so they should be in your inbox! Thanks!

I have both a PC & a Mac, both have PSE 6.0 installed on them. Can I buy your Colour Mix Urban actions and install them on both my computers?

I have the same question! I purchased them yesterday and have't recieved an email! is that how you get them? thanks

i used my husbands paypal account…

Yes, they will be emailed... Within 24-48 hours of purchasing. Usually faster.

Maggie Holmes

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I just purchased an action set for PSE.... but I can't find where to DL it at! Most of the actions I've bought before immediately pop up for download after payment... did something mess up? or does the download come in an email??

Will your actions work in Elements 8? I would love to buy them if they do!

Too many unanswered questions... I'll pass on these actions

Im not sure I understand. I typically answer each question personally to make sure the person posting the question gets a direct response.

Let me know your questions and I would be happy to answer them!


Maggie Holmes

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Your actions look great - I see that you say they work in PSE 8, but have just got PSE 9, will they work with that too? (fingers crossed!)

I would love to know if these work with PSE 9 also! They look like exactly what I have been looking for!


I sent an email just a few minutes ago, but I thought I'd put the same question here - I see that they work with PSE8, but the directions do not refer to PSE8. There are also no directions for Windows 7. I don't want to mess anything up so will wait for a reply before proceeding.


Just emailed you back. The instructions are the same for version 8 so you will be fine!

Maggie Holmes

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Ive CS3 -i guess its working with it, as it is a higher version, but i just wanted 2 make sure.

I just recently got a new laptop and it has Windows 10 on it. I cannot for the life of me get these actions to work (and I have all of the sets). Help!!!!

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